Lord Padraig

The beleaguered lord of Winterhaven holds the safety of his village above all else.


Padraig is a tall, slender male human whose dark hair is liberally sprinkled with gray, though his face is still young. He dresses in aging finery and carries a longsword at his belt.


Padraig’s primary concern is the safety of Winterhaven. He takes his position as hereditary lord of the village seriously, and he wants to honor the memory of his ancestors and predecessors who defended the tiny outpost of civilization from the encroaching wilderness for centuries. He is smart enough to look beyond the village walls and see in the surrounding area threats that could soon affect his home. He respects Winterhaven’s elders and leaders but grows increasingly frustrated with what he sees as their inability to look beyond their walls and the present moment to see threats that might affect the village.

Lord Padraig

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