To Winterhaven!

With a final nod of recognition for your efforts thus far and wishes of continued success, Uncle bids you farewell.

Before you can respond in kind, your vision is overwhelmed by a bright blue light. A disconcerting weightlessness suffuses your body and is jarringly replaced by a sensation of falling.

Just as panic begins to set in, your vision clears and you find yourself standing in a field. The air is far drier than the sub-tropical climate you were in mere moments ago. Your whole body and all your gear steams briefly in the crisp autumn air.

Scavvo is already walking briskly away before you’ve had a chance to find your legs. He shouts over his shoulder, “Winterhaven is this way. We should get moving as it will be dark soon and this area is not safe after sundown.”

Scavvo stops briefly to find you still gathering yourself. He kindly, if not a bit tersely, suggests with a smirk, “A brisk walk in this cool air will help clear your head of the teleport, too.”

With a final heft of your pack, you jog to catch up with Scavvo and make your way north to Winterhaven…


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