Deal with the Orc Chief

Major Quest

“This warband in occupation of the Abbey must have a leader. I’ve seen many a goblinoid horde in my days as a protector of the realm and it’s imperative that we impinge upon the orc force directly. Should they feel unchallenged, they’ll grown until they can no longer be contained. Find the Chief of the orcs in Gardmore Abbey and, if you are unable to make your case non-violently, use whatever means are necessary to show a credible threat from Winterhaven. You are our champions and often force is the only language these creatures understand.”

Objective: Secure an audience with and convince the orc leader that Winterhaven will not sit idly by while the orcs gather—at the end of a sword if necessary.

Reward: 100XP and 100gp per character. Proof of resolution is required. (After Cedric gave a rousing speech, assuring their victory over the orc menace and lamenting how poorly they were being paid for such heroism, nearby citizens pledged to pool their resources to sweeten the reward.)

Deal with the Orc Chief

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