Investigate the Feygrove

Major Quest

“Based on your reports, Valthrun believes the Feygrove is an intrusion of the Feywild into our realm. It is imperative that we understand the nature of such an intrusion and, if possible, make contact with whomever or whatever might be responsible for it.”

Objective: Enter the Feygrove and establish contact with whatever people or creatures you find there. Bring word to Lord Padraig should you be able to either eliminate the incursion or establish peaceful contact with the beings who reside there.

We have met the Eladrin forces within the Feygrove. They were not impressed with our manners and expressed clear distaste of Cedric and Arkus’ mercenary mindset. The Eladrin knight in charge said his sister had gone missing. Information on her or better yet her rescue would go a long way to ingratiating ourselves with them and hopefully garner some reward. Their assistance could be invaluable in eventually driving out the orcs entirely. We should double check to make sure the blonde woman head on the golem isn’t an Eladrin. Should also make sure no Eladrin women in the melting ice at top of tower.

Reward: 300XP per character

Investigate the Feygrove

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