Tower of the Archmage

Minor Quest

“In researching the Abbey for Lord Padraig I ran across references to an archmage’s tower somewhere in the ruins. I wonder if you’d do me a favor. If you find yourself inside that tower, keep your eyes peeled for a tome bound in white dragon scales. It’s called the Winter bole Codex, and I’d sure like a look inside its pages before I die.”

Objective: Find the Winterbole Codex and bring it to Valthrun the Prescient in Winterhaven.
Return the recently aquired Winterbole Codex to Valthrun the Prescient in Winterhaven. Cedric is a little concerned considering what appears to have happened to the last wizard to thumb through it (Vandomar).

Reward: 110 XP per character. Valthrun can’t pay the adventurers, but he owes them a favor, which he is happy to repay by conducting research or performing rituals on their behalf.

Tower of the Archmage

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